Residential & Domestic

Residential buildings require the highest level of fire protection.

Residential & Domestic

Residential buildings require the highest level of fire protection, to reduce the threat of damage or loss, and ensure the optimum safety of inhabitants.

At EFS, we design, install and maintain residential fire sprinkler systems across the UK. Our fully qualified team work to the highest standards, meeting the latest building regulations and British Standards BS 9251 / BS EN 16925 code of practice. Our installations are also supported by our 24-hour call out service.

Looking for a 'go to' trusted supplier?

From large-scale residential developments to individual domestic requirements, our 35 years’ experience and professionalism mean that we are a ‘go to’ supplier for a prompt and effective service.

Our team is committed to executing each project effectively and delivering on time. We use the latest materials and systems to maximise our clients’ budgets and minimise disruption to their developments.

EFS offer complete peace-of-mind. Knowing that you have taken every precaution to protect your property and those who work or live in your developments. We can advise and support you each step of the way regardless of the size of your project.

Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

Are you considering installing sprinkler systems? A few benefits for developers are;
  • Reduce the distance required between buildings by up to 50 per cent, to maximise development space
  • Reduce the required number of staircases as a means of escape for occupied space over 4.5m above ground level
  • Increase travel distances on common escapes
  • Develop ‘open plan’ designs in three-storey buildings
  • Increase the number of permitted beds in protected areas
  • Install fire doors which do not require self-closing devices
  • Achieve the optimum conditions for emergency fire services access

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