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Today’s working and residential buildings require the highest level of fire protection, to reduce the threat of damage or loss, and to ensure the optimum safety of inhabitants.

At EFS, we design, install and maintain residential fire sprinkler systems across the UK. Our fully qualified team works to the highest standards, meeting the latest building regulations and British Standards BS9251 code of practice. Our installations are also supported by our 24-hour call out service.

From large-scale residential developments to individual domestic requirements, our 35 years’ experience and professionalism mean that we are a ‘go to’ supplier for prompt and effective service. Our team is fully qualified and we use the latest materials and systems to maximise our clients’ budgets and minimise disruption to their developments.

Offering complete peace-of-mind that you have taken every precaution to protect your property and those who work or live in your developments, we can advise and support you on projects of all sizes.


Fire prevention and protection systems save lives, but they also improve the way that we plan, create and enhance spaces for people to live and work.

In public spaces such as local authority buildings, care homes, schools and student accommodation, duty of care requires that developments are built or subsequently equipped with fire protection systems.

At EFS, our knowledge and experience enables us to help developers to install the right solutions to:

  • Reduce the distance required between buildings by up to 50 per cent, to maximise development space
  • Reduce the required number of staircases as a means of escape for occupied space over 4.5m above ground level
  • Increase travel distances on common escapes
  • Develop ‘open plan’ designs in three-storey buildings
  • Increase the number of permitted beds in protected areas
  • Install fire doors which do not require self-closing devices
  • Achieve the optimum conditions for emergency fire services access

Case Study:

Liegh Terrace

© Flush Group

When a client approached EFS directly with an exciting grand design perched on a hill overlooking the Thames Estuary, we grabbed the project. This high-spec build, located outside Leigh-on-Sea, is being created for discerning residents to spend their downtime. EFS has grown its domestic portfolio over the last few years and this spectacular home is an ideal showcase for our work.

The simplicity of its modern, three-story construction requires a sprinkler system that remains as unobtrusive as possible but without losing its effectiveness. Working alongside the building contractor, Flush Group, we’re now in the final stages of the job. This steel, timber and glass construction has become one of the stand-out buildings to be found on the Essex coast.

And, for the price of an average British holiday, the owners and soon-to-be residents of Leigh Terrace have protected their magnificent home.


Drencher systems

Wet and dry risers

Ideally suited for buildings with more than one level, a riser directs a main water supply to individual floors to ensure fire protection.

Drencher systems

Drencher systems

Operated automatically or manually, drencher systems work to prevent fire spreading.

Drencher systems

Zone check valves and flow switches

Used in all fire detection systems, zone check valves and flow switches monitor the status of areas within a site, and communicate this to a control panel.

Drencher systems

Automatic sprinkler systems

Commonly used as a primary fire protection solution for almost 150 years, automatic sprinkler systems are highly effective.

Drencher systems

Pump houses

Providing a main feed via an electric or diesel pump to ensure continuous water pressure when fighting a fire,

Drencher systems

Installation maintenance

Commonly used in retail or industrial units with direct access to a main water feed, reels can be extended over long distances to combat fire in an isolated location

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Essex Fire Sprinklers are proud to have recently completed the design and installation of fire sprinkler systems at the Lego® Store, West Quay Shopping Centre, Southampton. Comprising of 72 heads. BS EN 12845.
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Fires burn hotter and faster because of synthetics, lightweight materials and open floor plans; producing lethal toxic smoke
Be safe. Fit fire sprinklers from an accredited installer.
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"When there is a fire all the sprinkler heads go off at once".


Each head is independent and only the head(s) adjacent to the fire go off.


Progress Report: We are currently installing sprinklers into two bungalows located in Essex, unfortunately they are both not accessible for fire engines in the event of a fire.
The pipework has been completed in both bungalows and air tested successfully.

"I have smoke alarms so I don’t need fire sprinklers."

Fact: Smoke alarms are essential in every home. But they can only detect a fire.
Fire sprinklers detect the fire and automatically control it, saving lives and property.

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'Water damage is as bad as the fire damage' WRONG.

A typical sprinkler discharges 55 litres per minute. A firefighting hose discharges over 600 litres per minute.

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Fire Sprinklers are the most effective fire safety devices. Over the past 130 years, they have proven more than a 99% success rate in controlling fires across the globe.

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