We provide a cost-effective,
one-stop fire protection service

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial, industrial and domestic fire detection and prevention residential systems.

This includes supplying systems for; offices, industrial units, retail, schools, hospitals, colleges, care homes, communication rooms, private homes, residential developments, car parks, food storage units and high security units.

We work extensively with local authorities, project managers, builders and homeowners to provide a cost-effective, one-stop fire protection service.

Our Services

EFS offer a range of accredited services, but not limited to;

Automatic Sprinklers

Commonly used as a primary fire protection solution for almost 150 years, automatic sprinkler systems are highly effective.

Servicing and Maintenance

EFS install, maintain and service systems across the UK. We can offer different plan solutions, depending on your needs.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply.

Water Mist Systems

Lowers the temperature, lessens the radiated heat and reduces the oxygen concentration – to help put the fire out.

Fully Accredited

We offer a range of accredited services.
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Commercial Developments

Fire prevention and protection systems save lives. They also improve the way that we plan, create and enhance spaces for people to live and work.

Residential and Domestic

Residential buildings require the highest level of fire protection, to reduce the threat of damage or loss, and ensure the optimum safety of inhabitants.

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Need a trusted, established, accredited UK fire sprinkler system supplier? EFS are here to help. 

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